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I have two boys and I love ‘em.

I didn’t grow up with boys.  I grew up with a sister and the only thing she did like a boy was fight.  As far as my brother is concerned, well, he was born when I was 18 and already gearing up my wings to fly from the nest. The closest thing I had to a brother was my best friends brother, and he lost his brotherly effect on me when I had a crush on him in the seventh grade.  So as far as young boys go I am pretty clueless.

I’ve always known boys were different.  I knew they liked bugs and thought it was funny to pass gas loudly.  I knew that they liked to explore and romp through the woods.  Yet, even after my hunches I am still surprised at what my two little ones come up with.

(on a side note: I don’t necessarily mean to generalize, I realize that every child is different. This just for fun and about my kids.)

Boys are gross:

I don’t’ mean that in a terrible way, but let’s face it;  Boys just don’t have an appreciation of cleanliness.  In fact, I think they actually like dirt.  They may even love it.  Just today I turned around while in the car, to see my two year old eating a tree stick he had brought in the car.  EATING IT.  And it didn’t seam that he had any comprehension of the fact that eating branches is disgusting until I kept saying, “No, no, we don’t eat sticks!  Spit it out, spit it out!”

And then there is the toilet.  I understand that even girls as toddlers may have a fascination with the toilet, but for boys, the fascinations seams to go well beyond the toddler years.  For example, I will NEVER forget the day;  Jonathan’s grandma was visiting and  one afternoon she came downstairs and said, “Elizabeth, I think you ought to check on your son.”  Great I thought, I knew he was in the bathroom.  I suspected that he was wasting toilet paper by letting it unroll and then sneakily trying to roll it back up, as if no one would ever notice the terrible mis-matched edges and the fact that the roll would now look like a wad. However, to my dismay that is not what was going on.  I opened the bathroom door, to see my half-naked son with a wet wad of toilet paper in one hand, just about to launch it.   My mouth fell completely open, and then some, at the sight of the room.  There was large spit-wad like balls of wet toilet paper all over- The ceiling, the walls, the cabinets, the towel rack, EVERYWHERE.  After a couple seconds of disbelief, I gasped and asked “What are you doing?!?”  And this, my friends, is what amazes me the most.  He turned, looked at me with his hands hang by his side and simply said, in a voice that clearly indicated he was confused, “I was just having some fun.”  FUN, what?  How is touching toilet watered tissue fun?  How can that be anything but gross? Nevertheless, somehow and someway, it was fun to him.  But the rest of us know, that is just gross.

Boys love danger:

I’m actually not sure if it is danger that they like. It could be that they simply like adventure and it just happened that their adventures turn dangerous.  Either way, boys are notorious for scraps and bruises.

Recently my four-year-old was getting board with just simply “sliding” down the slide.  I suppose it had lost its appeal and he had an urge to find something more exciting.  That is the only thing I can think of that would make him take a scooter up the slide and ride it down.  The result was that he came crashing down onto his face.  Poor kid, he was scraped up for weeks.  After the tears, however, it didn’t seam to have much of an effect on him.  He was already out for his next thrill-climbing tress.  Thankfully he isn’t able to reach most of the higher branches, although he as figured out that if he stands on a bench he can reach one of the lower ones.  For now, though, I think I am safe with that one.

Boys are different-but they are a lot of fun too and in my house, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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