Posted by: An American Expat | June 9, 2010


First things first.

I just want to smack myself on the forehead, and say out loud “Liz, you are such an idiot!”.  But I will refrain, and just think it instead.

Why can’t I remember that I’m am not on this journey alone?  Why can’t I always keep in mind that I am doing this for a reason.  A REAL REASON.  It is not just about being super-mom (haha, as if that is even achievable).  Its not about making my life easier; or even making the lives around me easier.  No, It’s about glorifying my God.  It’s about doing what He put me here to do.

What if I don’t know what he put me here to do, in this moment? -I ask, because sometimes I just don’t know.  Then I beg him to show me.  I search out his word.  I listen.  ::Sigh::  Listen- that is so hard for me.  I want to do it now, I want to check it off my list and move on to the next thing.  I am not a patient person.   But true listening requires patents.  Oh God, that you would teach me!

We don’t know the future.  Only God does.  So, we have to ask, seek, and trust him each day.  This is my focus.  If half way through my journey I feel God asking me to stop, I pray that I will stop that very second.  This can’t become about me.  It is all about Him.  He is the one who leads and I am the one who follows.  The best (yet, sometimes the hardest) part about this is that he leads one step at a time.  He gives us the grace we need for that day, that moment, that second.  This means we have to continually trust him during each second.  This also means that we don’t need to worry what tomorrow will bring.

So, first things first.  I need to ask God, where do I start?  Which step is in the right direction?  And, remember that I’m am not on this journey alone. I have a guide, and He happens to be the God of the universe.


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