Posted by: An American Expat | June 10, 2010


Every journey begins with a single step.

For my first steps on my journey I am going to use “Healthy Homemaking: One Step At A Time” by Stephanie Langford as a guide.  I was super excited to buy the book, thinking it would have every answer to every question I ever had, and tell me exactly what to do.   However, the book is very simple.  Helpful, but simple.  It is meant to be used as a basic guide (had I know that, I wouldn’t have had such enormous expectations).  The baby steps she lists are practical and useful. The plethora of resources she links, (it’s an e-book) is by far the best thing about the book.  I already have a trust of the author, because I read her blog (, so when she list websites that she believes are credible, that is extremely helpful for me, seeing as there is tons of stuff out there and I never know where to start to find useful information.

The book is set up in ‘baby steps’ that you use at your pleasure.  I suppose I will simply just go through them in order unless I come across something that is not feasible for me (due to the fact that we live with my in-laws).

I will work on the first step (which I actually areadly started) for two weeks and the start another.  The first step I am challenged with is to reduce.  I can think of a lot of things I want to reduce-my bills, my waistline….. 🙂 , but the real challenge is to reduce the amount of trash you put out each week.  So here I go with my very first step on my expidition.


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