Posted by: An American Expat | June 11, 2010


“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”- Proverb

I have to admit I thought this would be an easy one.  I thought I had it, hands down.  But I don’t.  This is so much harder than I thought.

I started my quest looking at each item I was about to throw away.  “Hummmm, pringles can?  Surely I can do something with this.  It would make a great craft for something.”  I thought.  So I set it on the counter.  When I emptied my husbands lunch box, I eagerly saved the baggies so that I could wash them and then reuse them.  See?  I was getting it.  I was not throwing things away.  However,  the next time I looked at the counter all the baggies were gone.  “Where did they go?” you might ask.   In the trash, of course.  See, I live with my in-laws, and when my mother in-law did the dishes she through my trash baggies away.  “So, you can blame it on her.” You might say.  No, no.  Actually, I can’t.  See, my in-laws went away for a few days, but when it came time to do the dishes do you know what I did with my pile of baggies?  I threw them away. (There, I admit it.)  The problem was, at that time I didn’t have time to wash baggies.  And I really wanted a clean counter.  So, what am I going to do the next time I unpack my husbands lunch?  I will put the baggies on the counter to be washed.  But this time I will try to get them washed before it is time to do the dishes. After all, they do say, try, try again.

There was a few things I manged to save.  Some bread crusts for feeding the ducks.  And a couple of containers that once held cheese.  I began using the leftover coffee to water the blueberry plants (it is good for them-not every plant though).   There were also a few other minimaly good choises I made.

Even thought I dont’ think I really ‘succeced’ in this step I am going to move on to step two.  I figure the way this type of thing goes, is that you have to keep working at it.  I will probably have to go deeper into each step at some point.  Maybe I will only find five or ten steps that really works for me and my family.  The point is that I keep stepping.


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