Posted by: An American Expat | June 14, 2010


Sound familiar? Do you know that number?

It’s the number for poison control.  “Why?” you may ask am I writing about poison control.  Because, I just called them.

In the short amount of time that I have had children I have called that number FOUR times.  Twice in one week, actually.  Once when my four year old, then two, ate toothpaste.  Then in that same week, when we worked for Miracle Hill, and had to sleep in a co-works room, he found some B-12 vitamins.  I dialed the number again about a year ago, when my youngest, then one, sucked on a bottle of my hand sanitizer.

The first three times I called poison control I was freaked out.  Especially when I found all the B-12 vitamins-talk about scary.  But the person at the poison control center always calmed me down and in fact, each of those times had a minimal effect, if any, on my children.  They hadn’t consumed enough of the product to cause anything more than a stomach ache.  However, this last time, last night, really was a concern.

My husband and I were watching a movie down stairs, and allowing our two boys to watch their own movie upstairs in our bedroom.  At some point during our movie we heard my two year old crying.  He had fallen off a bench in the kitchen while trying to get some water from the sink.  We picked him up and comforted him, and that is when I noticed his breath smelled minty.  “Did you eat toothpaste?”  I asked.  Then I ran upstairs to find out how much of it he had ate.  When I got upstairs and asked my older boy where the toothpaste was, he pointed to a white bottle on the bed.  But, it wasn’t toothpaste.  It was an off brand of Icy Hot.  My face went flush and my heart fell to my stomach as I thought “not again”.  I went back downstairs to tell my husband and proceeded to call poison control-once again.

This time while calling I was pretty calm.  I thought “they will probably tell me to give him milk in order to settle his stomach.”  Much to my surprise they told me to take him to the emergency room.  My heart fell further.  The emergency room? Really?  Now I was panicked.  I rushed everyone to the car and we were on our way.  I kept thinking how stupid it was for me to let that be in his reach.  How could I have done that?  What kind of a mother am I?  Everyone knows medicines and chemicals should be out of a child’s reach. But here I was, on my way to the ER, and the only thing I could do for my child was pray.  And believe me, I did.

When we got to the ER, we were able to wait in a pediatrics’s waiting room, and then able to get right back to a room.  I was so thankful that we weren’t having to wait.  While at the hospital I asked God for my child to be ok.  I begged God after the doctor told us that Methyl Salicylate acted like aspirin to a child.  ASPIRIN.  That can kill a baby.  I knew that only God could heal my baby.  And surprisingly, I was pretty calm.  Surprising for me, but not for God.  He calmed my heart, and gave peace to my soul.  Thankfully everyone at the ER was so kind and helpful.  They told us that they would have to do blood work 4-6 hours apart, in order to make sure the chemical was not in his system.

Before they did the blood work they gave us liquid charcoal mixed with juice to give to “little.”  The charcoal is suppose to draw all the poisons out of his system and help flush it out.  At first, he took it like a champ.  But after about the 5th dropper full, he had had enough.  He kept saying ‘I don’t want it” and pushing it back away from him.  It was sad to see my baby crying and fighting while they put an IV in him and took his blood.  But once again, God comforted.  I was reminded greatly that our lives are in God’s hands, not the doctors.  We can’t trust in modern medicine, but we can trust in an almighty God.  It reminded me of King Asa, who trusted in God most of his life.  Until, that is, he got an illness affecting his feet.  He sought and sought after medical answers and called on physicians.  But he didn’t call on God.  Because of this, God punished him.  So thankful  that God gave me the mercy and faith to call out to him- our healer- at this time.

Around  11:00pm my husband took our older boy home so that he could go to bed.  I stayed at the hospital with my “little” and we colored, read books and sang songs, while waiting for the second blood test to taken. At 1:30am the second blood test was drawn and we would only have to wait a few more hours.  “Little” did so well.  He was pretty happy and cute during our stay there.  He finally fell asleep around 1:45am and we were told the wonderful news of a good blood result at 3:30am.  Praise God!  Thank you so much for your mercy on this poor mother and child! We were then sent home.

I really do believe it was God’s mercy that protected my son.  However, he did it, I believe it was from him and because of his goodness.  Sometimes, we just don’t realize how good God really is to us.



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