Posted by: An American Expat | June 17, 2010


Oh, I love that stuff.  However, lately, every time I pored in into my coffee I kept thinking, “I’m sure this isn’t good for me.”  But I didn’t want to stop drinking it.  Why? Because I love it. It makes my coffee taste good, wonderful even.  And I need coffee.   In all reality coffee makes me a better person.  Alert, warm, productive.  Nothing in life is beneficial as a cup of joe.


But, seriously, I am pretty sure if I didn’t have coffee, I would have headache withdraws.  And that is why I don’t want to give up my creamer.  But, I finally got the courage up to look on the ingredient list on my beloved hazelnut coffee creamer. And there it was, so I could no longer deny it or ignore it-the hated ingredients,  High fructose corn syrup and (gasp!) partially hydrogenated oils.  What is up with this stuff anyways?  Why do they have to put it in my creamer? :sniff, sniff:  We all have heard it- these things are bad for you.  Why the government allows it in our food is beyond me. (actually, can you smell money conspiracy? -but that’s a different post). I think I am going to do a little research of my own to see what these ingredients are and how they affect a person.  I figure if I see and read all the information myself, I will be less tempted to sneak in a scoopful of creamer here and there.

Now, does anyone know of a creamer that is not expensive (around $3, maybe?) and is good for you-or at least won’t slowly kill me?  I would greatly appreciate any suggestion. 😉

Goodbye my lovely coffee creamer.  You don’t know how dearly I will miss you.



  1. Hey Liz!!

    Why don’t you make Hazelnut flavored coffee instead and then put half & half REAL (from the cow) creamer in it with some sugar??

    I worry about that stuff too, but I know what you are talking when you say it tastes SO GOOD!!!

    • That’s a great idea! Any recommendations on brand (coffee)? Also, what do you mean, REAL? Like ‘raw’ milk? If so where do you get that?

  2. So if coffee makes you “Alert, warm, productive” does that mean you’d be catatonic, cold and listless if you didn’t have it?! hahaha!! I usually buy a hazelnut-flavored coffee, then I put in a little whole milk or cream. You still have to watch for artificially flavored coffee, but if you can find some good stuff I’d say it’s as good as the flavored creamers. The other thing I like to do is use good old milk and sugar in my coffee, but stir in a little cocoa powder or vanilla.

    • Yes! I would be cold- Mean even. Just kidding. No, actually every once in a while I go a few days without coffee so that I don’t become super dependent. BUT, during those days I don’t feel as good. I guess the caffeine really does grab hold of you system.

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