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The second ‘step’ is to learn how useful vinegar is and wow,  I am very impressed.

You have to check this out:

Pretty amazing, huh?

I remember when my dad used to buy vinegar and drink some each day.  He would go on about how it was good for you.  But my dad also made a habit of eating an entire bag of popcorn for his Sunday night dinner.  So, you can see why I would be a little skeptical as a child, or even an adult.  I remember once, grabbing a bottle of his apple cider vinegar thinking it was just simply apple cider.  I took one swallow, and wanted to throw-up.  I still remember how terrible that was to this day- ick! However, do you want to know what I just read?  That apple cider vinegar is a helpful aid for an upset stomach.  Huh?  I guess father really does know best.

My plans for this step are somewhat focused.  Yes, I will do my research and reading.  But, what I am very interested in is learning how to clean with vinegar.  I have been contemplating about finding a substitute for commercial cleaners for a while now.  And after our latest fiasco with Icy Hot, I am ready to take the natural cleaning plunge.  (PS: I think this is a step latter in the book, but it is my expedition towards all things natural and frugal so I guess I get to ‘break’ the rules:)

Slightly stuck.

Right now, because we live with my in-laws, I have little control of what cleaners are in the house.  And that is ok.  This is where God put me and I am thankful for being here.  But we should soon be moving (read: we are buying a house!!!).  My plan is to do a lot of research now, test some out and then implement when we move.  I am trying to decide on what to do with some of the cleaners I already have.  Not sure if I should throw them away because they are poisonous to my children. Or I could give them away to someone who doesn’t have the same conviction about them or even someone who doesn’t have a mischievous two-year old who apparently has no taste buds! My last option would be to just suck-it-up and finish off what I have.  I would really hate to waste them, after all they do cost money.   Well, I will figure that out in due time.

Here are some of the other things I plan on using vinegar for:

1. Weed killer – My husband owns a lawn care business, so naturally he already has a high potency weed killer.  But, of course, is it toxic to little ones.  How great would it be to use vinegar instead?  I will have to test this one out though.  If I remember correctly for an episode of ‘This Old House” (yes, I do watch that show!), vinegar isn’t as potent, and has to be applied more often.

2. To remove stains

3. As a hair softener – I will also be making my own shampoo once I run out of all my conventional shampoos.  If my hair is in a ponytail then you will know why!

4. As a Meat tenderizer

5. As a rinse for my dishwasher

Most-likely I will have to test all of these things out and see if they are worth the effort and effective.

On a side note, Stephanie suggests that you buy organic vinegar.  She also adds that it ought to be genuine fermented vinegar.  Not surprisingly, vinegar losses most of its benifits when it becomes pasteurized.  Here is a link she provides to explain more of the benefits of ‘real’ vinegar.

So, I’m pretty happy with this little step towards natural living.  Vinegar is cheap and having one ingredient that I can do so many different things with is surely going to help out with organizing.  Nothing like killing three birds with one stone.



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