Posted by: An American Expat | October 3, 2010


You reap what you sow.

I guess, Paul was right.  You can’t plant a daisy and get a rose.  You can’t expect to have a fruitful garden when you have labored for a patch of dirt.  And, you don’t get healthy by eating junk.

The combination of  a busy week of having my niece stay with us, with my exhausted boredom from our “healthy” lunches, sent me into a convenience food relapse.

It started with the generic version of lucky charms.  Then there was the processed, not even remotely real chicken, chicken nuggets.  Before I knew it, there were corn dogs in the cart.   I’m just so tired, I kept thinking.

The truth is, eating natural foods is hard work.  Transferring to a natural foods diet, without a budget ingress, takes a lot of work.  And even more preparation.

But it is worth it.  Two weeks of going back to our old food habits has left us drained of energy, sick (colds), and just plain feeling bad.  Not to mention I have been more irritable, and Jonathan and I have both had headaches recently.

What is interesting is that I really didn’t have an overflow of food.  It probably balanced out around the same. However, I didn’t have to work nearly as hard.  Packing my husbands lunch was simply just saying “Take the hot pockets to work tomorrow, ok?”.   Lunches were really easy for everyone.  Convenience food is just that- convenient.

This week I am trying to plan more.  They say to plan your work and work your plan.  I’m not very good at planing.   It requires organization – and if you know me at all-you know that this is something I lack in.  ::Sigh:: However, I will try, try, again.

One thing I am considering is to have a freezer cooking day.   I’m also picking up using coupons again.  Most coupons are for convenience foods, but I’m sure some will be good for natural foods, and stores like earth fair are starting to put out coupons too. I am trying, also, to have a meal plan and stick to it.

Maybe this by this time next week I will be “reaping” a not so irritable mommy, two sick-less little boys, and headache-less husband.  🙂

Anyone have any good easy recipes to try?  I also need really easy lunch ideas, any suggestions?



  1. My easiest recipe is this: combine prepared beef bouillion with boneless pork chops in a slow cooker, one cup of bouillion per lb. or pork. Cook on low 8-10 hours. Mash with a fork and combine with favorite BBQ sauce (store bought or homemade). Voila, homemade BBQ.

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