Posted by: An American Expat | December 2, 2010


There are a few singers that bring back memories from my teen life.  Of course, like every teen girl, I listen to the Backstreet boys at times.  I remember dancing on top of a car to one of their songs.  Matchbox twenty was my all time favorite.  And then there was Jewel.  Her “You were meant for me” song was simply too cute.

I don’t really listen to those artist anymore (what, were not rocken’ to the backstreet boys at bedtime??), but I did hang on to a Jewel Christmas CD.  The girl can sing, and it’s just about one of my favorite Christmas CD’s.

It wouldn’t be a shocker to any of my friends that Jewel and I don’t agree theologically.  And the ending to one song, on her Christmas CD, is just one more example.  Track 10 is a melody of different songs and at some point during one of the  songs she says, “God is watching us, from a distance.” Oh, now I do believe that God sees us.  There are several verses in the bible that talk about how God knows all and sees all.  But it is the “from a distance” part I don’t agree with.  No, my God is here, standing right beside me hanging on to me.  There isn’t anything about Him that is distant from me, (and to any of those who have been washed by Christ’s blood).  If there is any distance between me and God it would be because I wondered off,  and even then, he still has me in the palm of his hand. God never changes; Forever and ever the same is my God.  And He is a personal God.

So Jewel,  I’ll keep your Christmas CD- after all you sing “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer”, better that anyone else.  But don’t be surprised if I skip track 10.  🙂


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