Posted by: An American Expat | December 8, 2010


I’ve always been an indecisive person.  Its a curse really;  To never know weather you want paper or plastic  (of course now I know-reusable bags! – just kidding, kind-of).  I remember once, in my teen years, trying to decide what products I wanted to buy at Bath and Body Works.  They were having an awesome sale, and I had my hands full, trying to decide between too products.  Then I asked my self, Do I really need any of this stuff? After an hour spending time picking out products, I put them all back and walked out the store empty handed  (that’s ok, I make fun of myself for this one too).

Then there was the time Jonathan and I were “small group” leaders.  We were a bad combination.  Jonathan didn’t like silence so he would end up answering all the study guide questions.  I couldn’t decide on which outing we should do, so we didn’t do very many.  The day that another couple in the group took over, was one of the best things for all of us.  🙂

Most recently (by that I mean yesterday), I was at the farmers market staring at the milk.  There were only two choices for me to consider; raw milk, which I have read about being so wonderfully healthy, and Happy Cow milk, which is pasteurized but not homonogized, also being better for you than store bought conventional milk.  There I stood asking myself- Do I really want to buy raw milk?  Should I trust it?  What if we get something and die? (indecisive people are real thinkers, ya know).  After about five minutes of glaring at the milk case, a man asks “Can I help you?”  (Yes, please tell me which milk I should take. -Indecisive people do better following rules, than coming up with them).   “I’ve been hearing about raw milk, just trying to decided if I trust it or not?” I replied.  “Well,” he said, “we sell a lot of it, around here.”  “How much is it?”, I asked seeing that the price was not marked. (don’t you hate that?).  “Five-fifty.”  Not too bad I thought.   After just a few seconds of staring once again, I gulped, grabbed the raw milk, the two other produce items I had come for and make a straight dash toward the registrar, practically throwing my money at the woman.  I didn’t want to give myself a chance to re-think my purchase. (this is called rash decision making- something else that indecisive  people tend to do).

When I got home, I told my husband about my purchase.  His reply, “Why would you want to do that?  What do you mean raw milk?”  “Ya know, milk that comes straight from the cow.”  We both took a sip.  I somewhat expected to gag it all back up, seeing that I don’t even like milk.  But I was pleasantly surprised that there was no gagging involved and it really was creamier.  Jonathan took a sip; “Tastes like regular milk.”

And that is it my friends.  My first step towards buying what comes straight from the farm. I have many other plans for farm purchasing; eggs, chicken, butter, and cheese.  Now, if I could only deiced which farm to buy from. 🙂

Anyone in the upstate have any recomendations?



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