Posted by: An American Expat | December 20, 2010


My letter to Santa this year:

Dear Santa; Oh, wait,… Did you know they now call you Santa, St. Nicolas?  We are a fairly informal generation so don’t take it as criticism, it’s just how we roll.  I was wondering, are you rolling over in your grave yet?  Have you heard the things they say about you?  Well, in case you haven’t, let me tell you.  One, did you know you’re not dead?  Oh, no, in fact your immortal.  You don’t die, you don’t age, (anymore that is).  You are however, very old.  And fat.  Sorry but it’s true, every time I see you, you’re fat.  You also, can see all and know all.  You judge which ones of us are good enough for gifts and which ones aren’t.  Must be hard on you, being immortal, omnipresent, and judge of all man-kind (ringing a bell anyone???).  And you give really nice gifts.  In fact, way better that the fruit and nuts you used to give.  Those poor kids-nowadays we would probably throw the fruit out-not nearly as good as candy (enforced with vitamin c, of course).  Let’s see, you can also defy gravity, and time.  And then there are the people and animals you live with, you know, the elves and reindeer.  You’ve really become something haven’t you! Makes you sick, huh?  The lies out there about you.  The way they treat you like a god. I’m sorry, don’t know what to say, really.  Oh wait- I remember, “It’s fun”.   And “I did it as a child- and look how good I turned out”:) See, St. Nick -you don’t mind if I call, that do you?, it just a little white lie.

Alright guys, silliness aside.  The Santa thing is getting way out of hand.  Did you know that kids really do get Santa and God confused!?!   That there are some out there that put God and Santa, together,  in the ‘fairytale’ category?  Don’t you see that the characteristics for Santa sound awfully familiar(?);  that is because they don’t belong to him– those are things only God can do!  Do we want to risk our children see theology in that way? We grow up as adults and wonder why so many around us treat God like Santa.  Using him to only get. Did you know that Kriss Kringle, another name for Santa, comes from Germany meaning “Christkind” or “Christ child”? ?  Don’t you see, the father of all lies put this one together, and we have played into his hand.

And what about the lie?  I know, it’s fun.  But truth is truth.   And a lie is a lie.  Have we forgotten Exodus 20:16  “Thou shalt not bear false wittiness (ie: LIE) against your neighbor.” Aren’t your kids the closest neighbors you have?!?  (Disclaimer:  I’m not trying to hold myself up as the picture of truth).  Why can’t we pretend-and let them pretend with us?  Kids are good at pretending.  They do it all the other 11 months out of the year just fine.

So, who’s with me?  Who wants to spread the truth, not only about Santa, but of our God also!?


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