Posted by: An American Expat | January 4, 2011

Resolutions (part two)

Resolution:  the act of determining

I shared yesterday the goals that I had set for 2010 and how they effected my year. Today I want to share some of the goals I have for 2011.

A friend at church had said “keep your eyes toward heaven in 2011.”  I love that!  And in all these goals I want my first priority to be keeping my eyes on my savior.  With that in mind here are some of my goals for this year:

House goals:

1.  Beautify the yard. Create an edible and flower garden.   If you been to my house you can see the odd placing of plants (and mostly dead bushes) around my house.  This spring, I want to really work hard on making the yard a fun place to be!  This includes making a haven for birds (I just love waking up to chirping!), and building a play set for the boys!

2.  If God provides the money we want to finish some of our inside home projects as well.  This would include painting the bathroom (and finishing the guest bathroom), painting the kitchen, putting up a ceiling in the basement, and getting a new floor for the basement and kitchen.

Money Goals:

1.  We would like to continue with the Dave Ramsey plan.  Pay off our last student loan and build up our emergency fund. Once these things are done (probably not this year), we will start a plan to get rid of our house mortgage!


1.  Read more of the bible and make it a priority everyday.  Including a time of praying and listening during that time.

2. Start a bible study with women.  Something I believe God is prompting my heart to do, although I’m slightly nervous.

3. Read more Christians book to encourage my walk with Christ.


1.  I have a goal to have a regular workout routine of three times a week.  Jonathan and I are going to be doing some of this together!  I also want to limit sugar and continue on the “real” foods journey.  I also want to drink more water!  I really want to make that a priority beverage.  When the weather warms up I want to start running again, and maybe even do a marathon 🙂

Life (these are the harder ones!):

1. Learn to can and dehydrate food.

2. Set up a better bedtime for the boys. I say that I want to do this all the time.  We really need to get this one nailed down!

3.  Continue with school work for Noah.  We still haven’t decided if we will be homeschooling or not. I also want to o more craft time with both boys.  And a daily bible time- never to young to start that 🙂

4. Focus on teaching both my children about God, taking every opportunity.  I want to learn ways to point them to Christ.  Any ideas?

5. Wake up earlier!!!   I have had this goal forever!  It seems that I get better for a few weeks and then fall off the wagon for month.  I really want to accomplish this one because I feel like it can make so many of my other goals easier.

6.  Continue writing.  I love writing so this shouldn’t be hard.

7.  Limit computer time.  So long facebook! haha  I won’t be giving up facebook all together, but I’m not going to be a status queen (not that I ever was).   This will also include, email, on-line shopping (I don’t end up buying much anyways, so why wast my time?), and blog reading, GASP!.  It has to be done though.

Green: (economical purpose, I’m not planing on saving the earth.  Just looking to be thrifty with my resources, and a good steward) 🙂

1.  Conserve Water

2. Start recycling

3. Learn to and look for more ways to reuse.  But not let that stuff overtake my house- I don’t want people to come over and have to walk around cleaned out spaghetti jars, because I just know I can use them one day! haha 😉

And there you have it.  Looks like a lot, but not really.  Most can be torn down into small steps.  I think the hardest part for me will be the ones that take me planing and following a routine, like working out, and bedtime, and the dreadful waking up early.

Anyone have some tips on how to accoplish some of these?

What does 2011 hold for you?  Any new goals?



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