Posted by: An American Expat | February 3, 2011

Overwhelmed (aka: life with kids)

Overwhelm-  to overpower in thought or feeling.


Do you want to know what my week has been like?

This week I decided to be very intentional about teaching N(my oldest).  After all, I have plans of homeschooling this coming year.  However, after this week, I am seriously wondering…..

We have been doing some phonics lessons for a while now.  We have skipped a day here and there, and when the holidays came…..well, we took a seriously long break.  For the most part it has been going really well.  N is super good at memorizing and loves the idea of learning to read.

I had rearranged my schedule this week to add in more schooling time for N.  I had also finally determined that I must start getting up earlier.  And because I have been longing to do it for months, I also decided that I need to get up the never to make homemade yogurt and soak my oats for baked oatmeal.  I also had a lot of other things that I committed to amongst all the other normal “mommy” things.  Honesty though, even as I think about what I need to get done, I think, “Surely I can do this”.  It isn’t that much…..but then again I did title this post “overwhelmed”.

Things haven’t gone so well this week.

Monday:  N took 2 hours to do a thirty minute lesson.

Tuesday:  Between N and E, they tested out EVERY boundary possible when we went grocery shopping. I mean it. every. last. one.

Wednesday: N wakes up early with me, again.

Thursday:  I raised the white flag.

So far, I feel like it’s a vicious cycle.  I get up early to get things done before the kids get up.  Noah’s sixth sense of knowing that I’m up, gets him up.  Because neither of us are used to getting up early, we are cranky.   Nothing gets done well, because I feel exhausted while I’m doing it.

I think part of the problem is I put too much on my plate this week.  And next week is filling up fast.  I feel like if we could just get past this week maybe next week will be better.  Maybe my body will get used to the new sleep schedule.  And then maybe I will be more prepared for the adventures of each day; the whining, the fighting, the messes.  All the things that  happen in the life of every mom.

Right now it just overwhelms me to think of trying to home school.  Yet, that is what I really want to do.  That is what I feel led to do.  So the question is:  what gives?  What do I need to get rid of so that it doesn’t overwhelm me to do the things I feel are important?


By the way, even as I wrote this, I was happy that I could hear that the boys weren’t fighting.  What I didn’t know is that E was dumping an almost full container of raw oatmeal (the big tubs of it), all over the living room, kitchen and stairs.  He even managed to get some in the fridge.  Yeah.  It has been that kind of week.

I don’t know how homeschooling mom’s do it, or any mom for that matter.  Seriously.  Do you all have some sorta magic wand or something? If so, where do I get one?  🙂


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