Posted by: An American Expat | April 13, 2011

RAW food- my experience


It all started when I stumbled upon “The Raw Truth” by Jordan Rubin.   I was intrigued and spent almost half the day on the computer reading and researching the raw lifestyle.   Then I decided, that was it…..I was gonna give this a try.

Just so you are aware people who are “raw” eaters, don’t eat anything cooked.  Nothing.  Nada. Zilch.  So, that mean’s if it can’t be cooked, like chicken, or even beans, they don’t eat it.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they are vegetarians, or even vegans.  You can still have ‘raw’ milk or cheese that hasn’t been pasteurized.  The theory is that when you cook food, you are destroying the nutrients and essential enzymes your body needs.  Therefore, you are making the food an empty food source for yourself.

What I did:

I actually didn’t go completely ‘raw’.  I did a whole week of nothing but veggies, fruit (but only if before 4 pm), raw nuts, feta, eggs, and goats cheese.  I did allow my cook certain things like sweet potatoes, and of course the eggs.  So I wasn’t really following any one particularly label.  I just made up my mind of what I could have and couldn’t have and stuck to it.  (oh yeah, except the very last night my husband bought me a chicken salad -which I ate half of).

What it was like:

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. What was more difficult was a little of the planing.  For example: we couldn’t go out to eat that week (save the chicken salad).  However, because I was eating mostly vegetables at night, dinner was really easy to prepare.  I think a salad was the most time-consuming thing I made. Lunches were a little difficult to think of what to make.  I have been a sand which kinda gal for most my life and not having any bread to make a quick lunch was hard.  I mostly had some type of juice, a salad, or broccoli.

What I learned:

It was disappointing to find out that I really didn’t feel that I had more energy.  This could be due to the fact that we also got a new puppy the same week and it was crazy!  Or there may be something my body needs and I’m not getting.

I was pleased to see that I didn’t wake up with knots in my stomach.  Something that I am going to see if gluten is the cause of-if I can figure it out.

What was very interesting to me is that I didn’t really miss sugar that much.  I have come to this conclusion about my self and sugar:  if I have none-then I don’t crave it that much (I did want it some) , really.    I ran across this blog about a woman who has gone sugar and gluten free.  She describes her story and reasons for her new lifestyle and I could resonate with some (not all), of what she was saying.  She called it a sugar and gluten allergy-but I’m not sure I would go that far.  I would say that sugar must affect different people differently.  My husband said to me this week, “why don’t you just have a little bit of sugar?”  “Because I won’t want just a little bit.  I’ll want another bite and then maybe just one more.  It’s like an addiction.  It really is easier for me to just not have any.” It is no secret that sugar, especially the white refined sugar, is addicting.  That is why so many products have sugar in them. Even in some that you wouldn’t even expect.

I also learned that my body doesnt’ need nearly as much food as I thought.  At dinner I would be satisfied with just one or one and half sweet potatoes (not huge ones).  That was it, no snacks, nothing else.  And that was good.  Now I will admit it took a couple days to realize the difference between ‘satisfied’ and full.  That is another theory of the ‘raw foodists’.  They say that your body will realize that it is satisfied sooner because raw food enzymes travel more efficiently and communicate better with your body.  You will realized that you have had enough before the “full” feeling sets in.

This week I have been allowing rice, all cheeses, beans, and honey in my diet.  I did do a test with a sandwhich yesterday.  But I will have to explain more of that on a different day.

I would say that this has been a very productive week as far as learning about food and the way my body responds to it.   Oh!  And one more thing I forgot to mention.  I think I have lost somewhere around the five pounds mark.  I’m not really sure, because I don’t have a scale, but i have definitely  lost some weight always a plus 🙂

Anyone have any experiences or thoughts you would like to share?  Any thoughts on the was sugar affects people?  Do you think there could be such a thing as a sugar allergy?  I would love to hear from you!!



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