Posted by: An American Expat | May 3, 2011

No more pets for the Goulds

This morning I heard Zoe yelping.  She had gotten out of the gate somehow.  I put on my shoes, walked out the back door, opened the gate and brought her back in.  When I left the house around noon, I didn’t think much about.

After a long day, I came home and got ready to give Zoe her dinner.  I called her, but she didn’t come bounding up the stairs like she normally does.  I called again.  And again.  Still no Zoe.  Then I remember that she had gotten out and that she probably had gotten out again.  “Oh no!”,  I thought.  I imagined finding her in the streets as I laced up my shoes to go searching for her.  I opened the front door, took a couple of steps out and started yelling for her. ” Zoe,  Zoe”  I called.  I got to my driveway and looked left.  There she was.  “She must have gotten herself stuck on something near the fence“, I thought.  But as I got near I realized she wasn’t stuck.  She just wasn’t moving.

She was alive.  Her brown eyes peered into me as I bent down to see what was wrong.  She tried to get up.  Her hind legs wouldn’t let her and she failed.  Then she tried again, barely making the one step she needed to reach me.  Jonathan had come out by this point.  “I think she has been hit by a car”, I had said.  Jonathan got a towel and I wrapped Zoe in it and scooped her up in my arms.  “Not again”, my heart sank.

As I examined her more, I didn’t find anything that appeared broken.  She was deathly thin though.  “How in the world did you get that thin? ” I kept thinking.  I sat there, just petting her.  She looked liked she was going to die right there, that moment.  I gave her water through  a medicine syringe and she took it willingly.  She probably hadn’t had much to drink today.   I decided to see if she would drink from a bowl and thankfully she did. However, ever once in a while she vomited it back up.  I think she is keeping some down because she is drinking often.  She is also repositioning herself on the towel and every once in a while, will stand up.  But she doesn’t venture anywhere and she definitely doesn’t try and sneak into the rest of the house like she normally does.

After observing her more, I realized she was bleeding from her rectum.  Not a good sign.  And the longer I was around her the more I could hardly tolerate the smell.  It was atrocious.  I’ve never smelled anything so horrid in my life.

As I type this, Zoe is laying on a towel in my kitchen.  I don’t know what is wrong with her, although I have a few guesses.  I have zero dollars to take her anywhere.    I’m not sure that Zoe will get better.  She seems even worse than last time – I didn’t think I would ever have to say that.  I feel a little helpless; so I just call out to God and remind myself that he does what is best for us in all things.

One thing is clear- it will be a long time before we try this pet thing again.



  1. […] As I posted yesterday, Zoe got very sick.  Out of nowhere, she was on death’s door.  Monday we were playing and learning to train Zoe, and she was doing great!  I was beginning to feel like we made the right choice about our boxer/bluetick mixed pup.  She was proving to be smart and loyal.  I figured one day we would have the best behaved dog on the block.  Yes, we were finally dog people. […]

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